"Dear Selectman Heller,

Congratulations! We gave you good luck when we voted for you in our classroom. We hope you have fun at your new job. Please make Brookline a good place to live!"
Love, Mrs. West’s Kindergarten Class

“Nancy Heller is just the kind of experienced, steady leader the Town needs at this moment.  Her commitment to effectively responding to the climate change emergency is at the core of who she is and guides all her actions.  I worked with her extensively while I was on the Select Board and saw, first hand, how hard she works for an effective, prudently managed Town government. I enthusiastically endorse Nancy for reelection.”

—Neil Wishinsky 

“I have known Nancy for many, many years.  She is trustworthy, hard-working, and dependable.  She is a leader who cares deeply about good government, about Brookline and its residents.  I heartily endorse her for re-election to the Select Board.”

Chobee Hoy

"Nancy and I have worked together for many years on issues in Brookline from the schools, the effects of climate change, and issues affecting seniors in our Town.  Nancy took over the position of liaison from the Select Board to the Council on Aging when I left the Board and she has been very supportive of our efforts to expand the Senior Center space.  


"A senior and still going strong, Nancy is a 48-year resident of Brookline.  She is very familiar with the senior issues and was one of the supporters that originally helped get the Senior Center built. Nancy's daughter, a doctor at Beth Israel, her husband and 3 children also live in Brookline. Grandkids are an important focus in Nancy's life but she still has a lot of time and energy to devote to Town affairs.  She understands the budget and the delicate balance between competing needs in the Town. 


"I am delighted to support Nancy Heller and I endorse her for reelection to the Select Board."  

Nancy Daly

"I have known Nancy since we served on the School Committee in the early 1990s. She is thoughtful, dedicated, and diligent public official. I am happy that she continues to serve the citizens of Brookline."

John Hodgman

"I have lived in the Town for 50 years and have been a Town Meeting Member for Twenty Years and have watched you represent us as a fine representative and want you to continue!"

—Alexandra Springarn



"Great work for decades -- for us!  -- passionate, progressive, constructive, & thoughtful, all sorely needed for the  current challenges, to keep improving our government, our community, indeed (e.g. climate issues) the World!"  

Marty Rosenthal, for Brookline PAX

"From her years on the School Committee, her environmental advocacy [she introduced Brookline's ban on styrofoam cups many years ago] and support for empowering women and seniors, and her hard work as a Select Board member, Nancy has worked generously and tirelessly for our community. I endorse her for re-election."

—Cathleen Cavell

"Nancy Heller is effective, and gets things done. I’ve had the pleasure of working together to bring residents locally raised food from an area farm, in a deal that would simultaneously yield meat donations to the Brookline Food Pantry. We also collaborated on the Celebration Committee for the JFK 100th Birthday Commemoration. Undaunted by short lead times, it was Nancy’s ability to leverage relationships, and  manage “red tape”, which allowed us to execute phenomenally creative events.
I enthusiastically support Nancy Heller for Select Board."

—Jim Solomon

"Nancy is a dedicated, tireless leader who has contributed to Brookline in countless ways.  With Nancy serving on the Select Board, I have confidence in the decision making of our executive leadership."

Paul Warren

"A wise, compassionate, seasoned leader."

—Cher Duffield

"As a candidate for TM in Precinct 1, I fully endorse Nancy Heller’s campaign for re-election to the Select Board."

—Amy Evenson

"Nancy has been great about responding to neighborhood needs and advocating for our schools."

—Sloane Furniss

"Nancy is one of our very best Town leaders."

—Gil Hoy

"I’ve seen Nancy Heller take on contractors, state agencies and others as co-chair of the High School project. Nancy fights for our town, for our students, and for what’s right."

—Brian Kane

"Only person who could muster all the resources necessary to get Brookline a 100% green electricity option."

—Nathan Shpritz

"Nancy and I were School Committee colleagues in 1999 when Brookline High School partnered with the Gao Xin School in Xian to establish a China Exchange Program.  Nancy has been an enthusiastic and committed supporter, was a host parent in 2000 and a member of the Steering Committee, and has, since its inception, taken every group of Chinese students away for a ski and museum weekend.  Brookline High School’s partnership with Xian’s Gao Xin School has benefitted greatly from Nancy’s dedication and hard work."  
—Helen Charlupski, School Committee

"Having been a colleague of Nancy’s for many years on the School Committee, I appreciate her thoughtfulness, her thoroughness and her ability to see the big picture."
—Terry Kwan – Former School Committee, Massachusetts School Board Authority, Asian Community Development Corp.


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